In this last of a four part series of blogs on DISC behavioral styles, we will take a closer look at a style that often challenges the patience of the faster moving high D Bulls and high I Tigers.  If there are rules of the forest the high C Correct/Compliant will know and follow those rules.  If there is an employment manual, the high C is likely to have reviewed it.  The high C’s desire for the details may earn him or her the reputation of “not seeing the forest for the trees.”  Knowing our own blend of DISC behaviors, and knowing how to adapt our communication to the different DISC behaviors only makes a more effective leader, manager or supervisor.  The fast moving high D’s (Bulls) and high I’s (Tigers) can become frustrated with the slower moving high S (Lambs) and high C (Owls).  The high D Dominant/Driver Bull and the high C Correct/Compliant Owl are both task focused while the high I Tigers Inspirational/Influential and high S Stable/Steady Lambs are more people focused.  Just a reminder that each of us is a blend of all four observable types of behaviors and we may act as a high or a low on each scale.  Accomplished communicators have also learned to adapt a style situationally so observing context, frequency, and intention is important.

So let’s get on with the Owl who is task focused and slower to act.  This behavioral type usually resists or avoids change and has a fear of criticism.  You might recognize the high C Owl in this scenario.  A meeting has been called by the CEO Angela about changes in the financial picture of the organization.  The four leaders in the room include Justin, the CFO.  The changes occurred as a result of some factors external to the organization.  High “D” Angela wants to act fast and proposes a discussion of action steps.  Justin is anxious.  He has not had time to reflect on the current data or review the financials which he prepares.  Inside he is screaming “Wait, not so fast.  What if we are wrong about this? Let’s take some time to think.”  On the outside, he acts as in the African proverb “The owl is always the wisest of all birds because the more it sees, the less it talks.”  Given the introverted nature of the high C Owl, Justin may say nothing in the moment.  This silence may be taken as tacit acceptance by Angela.  That would be a mistake.  Angela would be wise to adjust to Justin’s style by asking Justin to review the current facts and data with the group thereby increasing his comfort level.  Angel must also prepare for the fact that Justin may return with a new opinion after he has had time to reflect.  Although the high D Bull is also task focused like the high C Owl, they will behave differently in the face of change and what each needs to feel comfortable to act.  The high D Bull is usually far from the patient observer nature of the high C Owl.

Secrets to quickly recognize the high “C”:

Their task focus may look like this:

  • Likes to do quality work
  • Tends toward perfectionism
  • May balk at feedback that they perceive as criticism
  • Like things done right
  • Rules are meant to be followed
  • Approach problems with complete and total accuracy
  • Systematic in their approach
  • Often prefer to work independently
  • Guided by logic and less by emotion
  • Will question if they perceive things aren’t being done properly

How to quickly identify a low “C”:

  • Wants independence from controls
  • May bend or break the rules set by others
  • Emotion may be chosen over logic
  • Can be arbitrary
  • Unsystematic

It is your choice

DISC is the universal language of human behavior.  It is a neutral language which becomes positive or negative based on the values and beliefs of the observer.  We choose how we act and react.  Choose to successfully relate with a high “C” Owl’s behavioral profile and your relationships will benefit.

Here’s the secret to communicating with a high “C”:

  • Prepare your case in advance
  • Stick to business, no chit chat
  • Be accurate and logical
  • Don’t be unrealistic with deadlines
  • Allow time for them to reflect
  • Lead with facts and data

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