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Our ongoing relationship with Northstar Team Development has been focused on action and outcomes from Day 1. The team’s day on the challenge course opened our eyes to a world where people can work together to accomplish common goals in the work place and actually enjoy it and each other!   Northstar introduced Architectural Polymers to this new world where we can identify our key strengths, areas for development and open lines of communication to get everyone engaged. 

Marshall Walters

President CEO, Architectural Polymers

One of the best decisions I have ever made was to pick Northstar Team Development as our partner in team and leadership development. Their approach with our needs in the forefront was the perfect way to help us determine what our priorities and programs needed to be. From their Master Class series to the experiential team building on their challenge course, their services were the exact combination of growth our team needed. I highly recommend Northstar for assessing your team, developing leadership, coaching individuals or engaging them.

Jeff Albert

CEO, People First Federal Credit Union

I found the Master Class Series 1 by Northstar Team Development absolutely fantastic. The biggest result we have realized so far is the understanding of accountability. Ideas from the sessions have been implemented into my personal and business routines. Communication has become more effective than before at the office and with my family. The professional, knowledgeable staff are genuine. I have 100% confidence in referring NSTD to others. The classes have made me an overall better person and I am more positive in my outlook.

Randy Kroschwitz

President and CEO, New World Aviation

NSTD really knows how to increase self-awareness and team-awareness. Thus our work is much more effective. As the team, we are becoming more sensitive to each other’s needs. Jane Wells Schooley’s counseling and coaching has been incredible. Her ability to think on her feet is remarkable. She finds ways to help us encourage our own solutions.

Michael Sterchic

President, Discover Lehigh Valley

Great content in master classes – not the same old information we normally receive. Format is both engaging and useful. The content was very well delivered. The engagement demonstrated it well. Passion and knowledge of NSTD’s leadership is very prevalent. The human interaction in the classes is vital as it drove home what was important to each of us.

Michael Eustice

Manager of Engineering, H. T. Lyons Inc.

Northstar Team Development gives the service by focusing on the needs of the client and will go the extra mile to get objectives achieved. Our leadership team learned their differences and how they complement each other to get their work accomplished. With NSTD’s assistance, our team was pushed out of their comfort zone and were surprised with their success. Our eyes have been opened to new areas of creativity and recognition of the strengths of others.

Carol Keene

Director HR, Talent Mgmt. & Development, Wacker Chemical Corporation


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