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We know that relationships rule. We see our partners as keepers of solutions for their own businesses. We are committed to bringing out the best in people and teams through coaching, mentoring, facilitation and experiential education.

CEO Jane Wells Schooley discusses the biggest challenges facing businesses today. What is keeping leaders up at night?


After working with Northstar Team Development I have a different outlook on guest services and have applied major improvements in my communication. The assessment from the Master Class Series helps me understand others by understanding my own motivators and triggers. The outcomes from the workshops relate to my work in a different, positive approach. Northstar Team cares about their participants by using a variety of interactive activities as compared to lectures and provides a high level of trust.

Patrick Schneider

Admissions Manager, Dorney Park

Are you a lifelong learner?  If you are, then, like me you find learning exciting.  The Master Class Series One is exciting times 3.  The 8-week class, facilitated by Northstar Team Development CEO, Jane Wells Schooley, impacted me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  I recommend the series to anyone who wants to be their best self both personally and professionally.  Before beginning the series, each particpant takes an assessment that clues you in on your behavioral style and the behavioral styles of others.  You learn based on whom you are how others should interact with you and based on the style of others how best to interact with them.  The assessment is a gold mine of information.  The ensuing 8 weeks features a different topic each week from how to work effectively (which does not include multitasking!), to the difference between coaching and mentoring, and how best to coach others.  Every week I left with nuggets of information that felt transformative.  For example during the last week, while discussing death, Jane shared a sentiment that was profound and personally life changing given a life circumstance I was experiencing.  While the course is highly organized and a standard core curriculum is delivered each series, because the course is interactive, each student has a chance to sway the content.  You can’t be disappointed.  You get to meet new people, Jane is an amazing instructor, each week you leave with resources (hand-outs, names of books to augment your learning, videos) and each topic is germane to personal and professional growth and development.  Go Northstar!

Phyllis Alexander

President, Board of Directors, National Coalition Building Institute

Dealing with Northstar gets to the heart of the need of the client. They look at each vital part, not as a transaction but as a fulfillment of the client’s needs.

Peter Rittenhouse

Former Regional Director, Nestle Waters

Throughout the leadership program, I have been able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and have developed a better sense of what I need to work on to continue to grow as a leader.  The class assignments and materials, and the accountability partner relationships were unique to the program and supplemented the core curriculum with every day examples I can take back to my team.  One other key thing that sets Northstar Team Development’s Master Class program apart is gaining different perspectives and challenges from a varied number of individuals from profit and non-profit organizations.

Nancy Ingram

Program Director, LifePath

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