Coaching, Facilitation and Speaking

Difference Maker Coaching

with Jane Wells Schooley

(International Coach Academy Certification)

What keeps an executive awake? People? Relationship? Results. Executive-level coaching allows top leaders the opportunity to think through and tackle these issues on a one-on-one basis. Coaching is intended for people critical to your organization’s future success, including everyone at the C-level, heads of major business units or functions and other high level, high potential leaders. Clients develop leadership skills, learn coaching skills and more critical and strategic thinking, develop behavioral strengths, enhance emotional intelligence and get better results.

Difference Maker Coaching is helping powerful leaders make significant and meaningful change in their lives, organizations and in the wider community with ease.

The U.S. Department of Health names stress as a main cause of 70 percent of work-related physical and mental complaints. Leading with ease mindfully with the support of a Difference Maker Coach contributes to the executive’s productivity as well as balance, by focusing on both being and doing using a facilitative style.

Group/Team Coaching Circles

Northstar Team Development supports leaders at different stages of their professional development. Coaching circles leverage the collective wisdom and support of the group, while creating a safe, respectful environment for learning. Group coaching is offered to a collection of individuals who choose to connect with others to experience synergistic relationships with an accountability component.

Group coaching consists of small groups of individuals who share interests (i.e. non-profit leadership, millennials). The focus of Northstar Team Development group coaching programs is on the personal and professional growth of group members and creating a supportive network of accountable peers. Group coaching is best suited for emerging leaders and leaders in motion.

Team coaching is offered to intact teams whose leader has contacted us with a specific purpose around which there are goals and desired outcomes. Team coaching focuses on the team and desired results for the team.

Utilizing one or more of our powerful assessment tools, our coaching sessions support individual leaders or teams in learning more about themselves so they can get better results.

Assessment Coaching

Looking for a snapshot about your current behavioral, thinking and leadership style? Intended as a launch pad for executive coaching, group coaching or skill workshops, targeted assessment coaching provides leaders the opportunity to utilize one of our three assessment tools in a coaching session to gain insight into:

  • Leadership behaviors
  • Leadership practices
  • Diverse thinking styles
  • Motivators
  • Emotional intelligence


Whether meeting or group facilitation or facilitating experiential education or a challenge course, Northstar Team Development is ready to serve. Facilitation requires the creation of a safe space where conversation, listening and group learning come together. A facilitator’s role is to make it easier for the group to do its work. By providing non-directive leadership, the facilitator encourages group members to empower themselves to reflect, share, collaborate and solve their own problems or questions. The role is one of assistance and guidance, not control.

Skillful facilitation enables individuals and groups opportunities to think more deeply and/or differently about themselves, their organizations and their communities. Using a variety of learning methodologies, Northstar Team Development facilitators are adept at partnering with teams to create environments where deep learning and transformation happens.

From hosting World Cafes, to Journey Mapping and historical scans, to name a few, we are available to serve in the capacity of facilitator to fulfill your group’s needs.

Keynote Speaking

Over 35 years of experience engaging audiences. Captivating. Motivating. Enchanting. Powerful. Inspiring. Call us for information about how our team can support your next event.



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