Forge Your Ideal Team!

Northstar Team Development offers facilitated, experiential programs custom-tailored to fit each client’s specific goals and outcomes. Our team development programs are designed to include everyone in a group and ensure that no one is excluded. We use a variety of methods to help your team achieve their goals and outcomes and programs that range from minimal physical exertion to active, outdoor experiences to focused, multi-phased partnerships, indoor activities that can be conducted at our site, yours or an independent location.

Our adult programs are designed for corporate clients, non-profit organizations, governmental and educational agencies and institutions, and civic and community based programs, corporate and non-profit groups. Read on for more information about our programs. We will help you select the best programs or combination of activities to meet your goals.

Facilitation and Debriefing

All of our programs include time for our talented facilitators to debrief all participants on the activities they have completed. Debriefing not only allows your employees to talk about what had happened to one another, it also allows our facilitators to transfer the actions of the activity back to the office.

The activities we do include everyone regardless of physical abilities and are interactive and experiential in nature; no one will be sitting on the sidelines.

Feed Your Body While You Feed Your Mind

Northstar Team Development also offers the option to order discounted food and refreshments through Dutch Spring’s on-site concessions throughout your stay. Please ask for a menu and special pricing sheet. The food can also be ready for your group right when you’re ready to eat or even when you arrive!