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If we are leading a department, an organization, a company or even a family, we may have a desire to be an Exemplary Leader, not just a good one.  So what keeps us from being the leader we aspire to be?  Ironically most of us would respond “time”.  Yet, we know that is the one factor required for positive change and personal growth.  Exemplary leadership requires an investment in you.  If time were a financial investment and your return on investment was 100% would you “buy” in?  You have that opportunity now with The Leadership Challenge.

In two days you will begin the investment in yourself that will allow you to lay the foundation for being that leader who creates high performing collaborative teams around you.

Northstar Women Leaders is offering a unique professional and personal development program in an experiential workshop offered in a two-day format.  This workshop is uniquely suited to diverse leaders because it is adaptable, learnable and easy to implement and practice.  The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership provide a framework that brings a common language to all levels of an organization.  Activated by the powerful Leadership Practices Inventory assessment, The Leadership Challenge unlocks the power of leaders to be great no matter their gender, color, or background. Claim your seat at the table for a special rate of $1,998.  Be proactive.  Reacting takes much more time.  Make the commitment to yourself.

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